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Picklogger™ offers a groundbreaking way for farmers to view and manage their orchards. By integrating GPS technology and signal processing, the device logs each fruit picked to a specific location. This data, once sent to the cloud, is transformed into detailed yield maps, offering insights far beyond traditional methods. Farmers can now compare yield maps with other agricultural data to gain a deeper understanding of orchard performance.

Picklogger Showcase
Picklogger Showcase


Farmers traditionally view orchard performance through average yield data provided by packhouses and harvest monitoring systems, limiting their ability to identify variability within an orchard. This traditional approach fails to capture the granular data necessary for precise orchard management and optimization.


In order to make the Picklogger succeed, we needed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance yield mapping accuracy
  • Provide detailed, tree-level insights
  • Integrate with packhouse systems for better traceability
  • Improve employee productivity through data analysis
  • Enable data-driven decision-making for better orchard management


Octoco, in partnership with Agritechnovation, developed Picklogger™ to revolutionize yield mapping. By logging GPS points for each fruit picked and integrating this data with packhouse weight inputs, Picklogger™ produces detailed yield maps. These maps, when combined with other agricultural data, provide new insights into orchard performance.

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The implementation of Picklogger™ focused on leveraging GPS and accelerometer technology to accurately log fruit picks and their specific locations within an orchard. Data transmission to the cloud and integration with packhouse systems ensure that the information is readily available for analysis. The user-friendly design and robust functionality make Picklogger™ an essential tool for modern agriculture.


Picklogger™ has transformed how farmers manage their orchards by providing detailed, tree-level yield maps. This innovation enables farmers to identify variability within their orchards, optimize lower-performing areas, and enhance overall yield. The integration with packhouse systems improves traceability and employee productivity. With over 70 million fruit picks logged in the 2020 harvesting season, Picklogger is proving to be a vital tool for ensuring long-term success and sustainability at the farm level.